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Hotel Asset Management

Let the Fillmore Hospitality team maximize the value of your property. With years of success as hotel investors and operators, our winning team has the experience, track record, and resources to maximize the value of your hotel or resort. We align all hotel initiatives with the goals of hotel ownership and create a total congruency that maximizes profitability. Our asset management strategy focuses on increasing property values through renovations and hotel redesigns, building talented hotel management teams, improving guest experiences and hotel reputations, and marketing our properties through the right channels at the right times. Since we understand that each hotel has different strengths, unique challenges, and its own story to tell, we employ custom strategies that will maximize the value of each property.

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Takin' Care of Business

Aligning our hotel management strategies with the goals of the ownership is integral to the Fillmore DNA. With portfolio-wide increases in revenue, RevPar, NOI, group sales, and TripAdvisor rankings, our customized asset management services guarantee to improve the value of your hotel and maximize its profitability. Here's what we do:

Renovations & Improvements

As real estate investors, we understand the importance of increasing your hotel's property value. We routinely renovate hotels, modernize designs, and improve amenities. Since our portfolio focuses on properties in destination markets, we provide the upkeep and maintenance to create phenomenal travel experiences and successfully compete in the country's top markets.

Winning Teams

Great hotels begin with great people, and Fillmore Hospitality builds talented, efficient, and goal-oriented teams at each of our properties. By hiring on-property management aligned with the goals of the ownership, our hotels can implement tactics that maximize profitability, improve the guest experience, and successfully compete in the crowded marketplace.

Marketing & Sales

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales efforts, Fillmore Hospitality equips our on-property sales teams with ample resources to accommodate all sale inquiries. By hiring awesome sales teams that surface more demand than the property can accommodate, our hotels are incented on activity instead of results. As a result, we've seen a significant increase in sales and revenue across our portfolio. Don't believe us? The numbers speak for themselves.

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