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Fillmore Hospitality Management Results

Surpassing the standard is inherent in the Fillmore DNA. With the help of our amazingly talented hotel management teams and a background in investment management, Fillmore Hospitality has a proven record of success. Our innovative and strategic approach allows us to not only increase revenue, but to maximize returns for investors, create phenomenal guest experiences, improve the reputations of our hotels, and increase actualized sales leads. Our firm belief total goal congruency between capital, management, and brand allow us to look to understand the entire picture and generate better returns than our competition. Put simply, we crush it on every level. We call it the Fillmore touch.

We're very proud of our successes and that fantastic Fillmorians that help us to achieve our goals. Take a look at some success stories to see why Fillmore Hospitality has gained a reputation as an industry leader!

Fillmore Hospitality | All Across the USA

We talk a lot about our radical approach to hospitality management, our understanding of every level of the industry, and the effectiveness of our customizable strategies. Now it's time to prove it. Here's a glimpse of how our portfolio has been performing over the course of the last two years:

  • Increased NOI by 57% with limited CapEx investment
  • Increased RevPAR by 14%
  • Increased total revenue by 13.3%

DoubleTree by Hilton | San Diego Del Mar

del mar hotel

After two and half years of Fillmore management, our winning team transformed a lackluster DoubleTree by Hilton San Diego Del Mar into a San Diego destination. Upon completing extensive renovations, expanding the sales team, and introducing a professional hotel management team, the property saw drastic improvements in team morale, hotel cleanliness, and overall guest satisfaction. You just can't deny these numbers.

Our Achievements

  • Increased RevPAR by 25%
  • Increased NOI by 43%
  • Increased Hilton QA from 79% to 92%
  • Achieved property RevPAR index of 101.3, marking the first over 100 in the property's 24 year history
  • Increased TripAdvisor ranking from 90 to 44 out of 200 hotels in San Diego
  • Increased TripAdvisor ranking from 90 to 44 out of 200 hotels in San Diego
  • Sold for sub five-percent cap rate

Maison Dupuy | French Quarter, New Orleans

masion dupuy hotel

After years of neglect, the historic Maison Dupuy began its partnership with Fillmore Hospitality. Over the course of three years, the Fillmore Hospitality executed major exterior renovations, hired professional a management team, and transformed a property in disrepair into a respected, vintage boutique. The results speak for themselves.

Our Achievements

  • Increased NOI by 43%
  • Increased Medallia OSAT from 7.2 to 8.7
  • Improved TripAdvisor ranking from 82nd to 47th best out of 153 hotels in New Orleans
  • Doubled catering revenue after executing major exterior and courtyard renovations

DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago | Oak Brook

double tree oak brook hotel

When Fillmore Hospitality first partnered with the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago - Oak Brook in late 2012, the hotel had seen substantial neglect, and over the next three years, Fillmore reinvented the property. Through a series of hotel renovations, an expansion of the sales team, and the hiring of a professional management team, the Doubletree Oak Brook saw substantial revenue growth and a phenomenal increase in sales.

Our Achievements

  • Increased the GOP by 33%
  • Increased the ADR by 23%
  • Increased Food and Beverage Revenue by 30%
  • Increased Wedding Revenue by 124%

Pier 2620 | San Francisco

pier 2620 hotel

In November 2013, Fillmore Hospitality reflagged the San Francisco Hilton Fisherman's Wharf as the independent Pier 2620 Hotel Fisherman's Wharf hotel. After extensive renovations, Fillmore Hospitality repositioned the property as a destination hotel in a robust and highly competitive market. But enough from us. We'll let the numbers do the talking.

Our Achievements

  • Negotiated termination of the Hilton franchise agreement in November 2013
  • Increased NOI by $1 million in first year as an independent hotel
  • Completed an transformative renovation in 2015
  • Projected a 2016 NOI if $4.5 million compared to the $1.4 NOI as a Hilton property
  • Increased TripAdvisor ranking from 176 to 56 out of 233 hotels in San Francisco

Sheraton Suites Plantation | Fort Lauderdale

sheraton suites plantation hotel

With the unique marketing challenge of being located next to the defunct Planation Fashion Mall, Fillmore Hospitality employed customized sales, marketing, and operating strategies to increase the hotel's NOI in spite of this sizable disadvantage. The results are pretty remarkable. Take a look.

Our Achievements

  • Generated a $1 million improvement in NOI despite being attached to abandoned shopping mall
  • Finished 2015 with a GEI ranking of #22 of 195 Sheratons in North America
  • Completed transformative $7 million renovations

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